healthAlliance provides shared services to the four Northern Region district health boards (DHBs) and related health organisations the Northern Regional Alliance and New Zealand Health Partnerships.

Services include information technology, finance and corporate services, regional internal audit and payroll services through our Staff Service Centre.

Technology Services delivers modern health IT solutions by providing all computers, mobile devices, servers and clinical and business applications systems to support the Northern Region DHBs to deliver positive clinical outcomes for patients.

Finance and Corporate Services delivers quality and effectiveness through the strategic use of Oracle ERP and by utilisation of Business Intelligence to make sense of the increasing quantity of data within customer DHBs. Transactional services include accounts payable and receivable and the patient eligibility service that ensures that people not eligible for publically funded healthcare are invoiced for the cost.

The Staff Service Centre uses a combination of electronic and manual processing to pay over 16,000 DHB staff per fortnight.

healthAlliance FPSC (a wholly-owned subsidiary of healthAlliance) provides procurement services and supply chain services to the northern region DHBs.