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Your Health - fit fab fun

Fit Fab Fun

We want healthAlliance to be a fun place to work where our people feel a sense of belonging, because we believe that being happy at work goes a long way towards boosting morale and reducing stress.

Our health and wellbeing programme, Fit.Fab.Fun, offers stuff a fun range of activities such as boot camps, team challenges, resillience training and nutrition seminars which help our people make positive lifestyle changes.

Your Health - health & safety

Health and Safety

We are committed to health and safety practices at healthAlliance, and we have a dedicated team of health and safety professionals to assist. Employees are the most important part of our business, so we have a number of policies in place to ensure you are happy and healthy at work and at home.

EAP Works

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

We have a confidential Employee Assistance Programme, which you or your immediate family (spouse or children) can use to get assistance with both personal and workplace issues.

Your Health - flexible leave options

Flexible Leave Options

This policy is designed to help balance work and personal commitments by allowing you to take additional periods of unpaid leave so that you can spend more time with your families, plan an overseas trip, or take some extra time out for rest and relaxation. This benefit is available to all permanent employees, subject to managerial discretion, and conditions may apply. Some options will not be available for some roles or in some circumstances, but we encourage you to check this with your manager.

Your Health - flu vaccinations

Flu Vaccinations

As part of our proactive approach to wellbeing, we offer free flu vaccinations for staff at our main locations, a health professional comes onsite to provide the vaccinations.

Your Health - sick leave

Sick and Domestic Leave

If you are sick or you need to care for a dependant, we generally provide 10 days sick leave per year, which is over and above legislation