What we do

Supply Chain Operations

Our Supply Chain Operations teams are based at each of the main hospitals. Our operations teams are responsible for ensuring the right stock is available when and where required and delivering the items clinical staff have ordered. This involves receipting, storage, and distribution of goods ordered.

The operation teams also manage inventory, which includes monitoring stock expiry, replenishing stock and working with clinicians to manage stock levels. These teams are also responsible for implementing supply chain changes and improvements at an operational level.


Catalogue & Master Data

The Catalogue & Master Data team manages all data related to products, locations and vendors to ensure that products are in the correct location, quantity and are from the appropriate supplier.

The team work proactively with businesses and vendors to deliver the benefits of master data management such as:

  • improved control – ensuring that DHBs can control the products they want to purchase;
  • faster ordering and replenishment – electronic communication with vendors makes ordering, receiving and paying for product automatic, fast and efficient;
  • lower cost – understanding total purchasing allows procurement to negotiate on behalf of the DHBs for the best possible prices based on volume.


 The Purchasing Centre facilitates the purchase of goods and services for the DHBs by creating purchase orders and processing electronic orders.

The team also provide support through purchasing help desks that:

  • provide open order management services;
  • investigate and report on poor compliance to policy;
  • supports training of iProcurement users; and
  • answer queries of purchasing users;
  • Manage issues associated with the 1.65 million plus purchase order lines generated annually.

healthAlliance Terms of Trade [PDF, 242 KB]