healthAlliance FPSC is a wholly owned subsidiary of healthAlliance NZ Ltd. which delivers a national procurement service to all 20 DHBs.

Managing procurement spend at a national level is significant, but it takes on extra importance when it’s directly contributing to better healthcare in our communities.  From supplier negotiations to contract management, healthAlliance FPSC is involved from inception to implementation, allowing our customers to focus on what matters, the front line services. Launched in 2014, we deliver shared services to successfully achieve savings and enhance health efficacy for all DHBs across New Zealand.

By pooling procurement needs across the sector, we are able to make a tangible difference, achieving economies of scale, delivering savings, reducing risk and improving service, while meeting the customer care expectations, clinical needs, and commercial objectives of each DHB.

The National Procurement Service manages contracts for the provision of:

Procurement - imaging Procurement - labs Procurement - surgical Procurement - medical services Procurement - wards Procurement - non-clinical

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