Strategy, Planning & Intelligence

The Strategy, Planning and Intelligence team promotes effective and efficient use of the Northern Region’s information to provide our customers and shareholders with robust and actionable business information.

The team supports our strategic and operational planning, working in collaboration with our health sector customers, and provides board secretariat, internal audit and risk support to ensure that we meet our governance and compliance requirements.

Our Catalogue & Master Data team manages all data related to products, locations and vendors to ensure that products are in the correct location, quantity and are from the appropriate supplier.

The team work proactively with businesses and vendors to deliver the benefits of master data management such as:

  • improved control – ensuring that DHBs can control the products they want to purchase
  • faster ordering and replenishment – electronic communication with vendors makes ordering, receiving and paying for product automatic, fast and efficient
  • lower cost – understanding total purchasing allows procurement to negotiate on behalf of the DHBs for the best possible prices based on volume.