Your Lifestyle

Your Lifestyle

At healthAlliance, it isn't all work and no play. We place great emphasis on work/life balance. We have a range of policies to ensure you live life to the fullest!


Your Lifestyle - events


healthAlliance is involved in several fun events, such as Round the Bays, the Auckland Marathon and quiz nights.

We also get involved in lots of good causes, such as raising awareness and funds for various charities

Your Lifestyle - work perks


Work Perks

A wide variety of discounted products and services are available to healthAlliance employees. These may include sports tickets, professional health services, sports gear and more. These benefits are subject to change at any time.

Your Lifestyle - annual leave


Annual Leave

Taking time out is a critical part of your lifestyle, which is why we offer four weeks leave, to ensure you can recharge your batteries when you need to. healthAlliance has a range of flexible approaches to leave, beyond legislated requirements.

Your Lifestyle - flexible working practices


Flexible Working Practices

Everyone's work/life balance needs are different and therefore, where possible, we provide a range of flexible work options. Different roles offer different opportunities to meet both your needs and that of the business. There are many examples of different flexible work arrangements at healthAlliance, including flexible working hours, condensed hours, working from home, job sharing, part-time work, and roles tailored around school hours.

Your Lifestyle - kiwisaver



We encourage you to think about saving for your future needs. To assist with this, we provide employer contributions to supplement your own contributions. KiwiSaver is available for permanent New Zealand residents and citizens.

Your Lifestyle - parental leave


Parental Leave

We exceed legislative requirements for parental leave and offer additional leave arrangements.