ICT Transformation

We can expect 560,000 additional people over the next 20 years, while the number of people aged over 75 is tipped to double.

Our region is also the country’s most diverse, but there are significant inequities for some population groups, particularly Māori and Pacific peoples, and geographic areas (South Auckland, Northland).

These factors, combined with rapid technological changes, are forcing a major rethink in the sector.

As result, the region has collaborated on a new long-term investment plan. It contains important themes around healthcare equity and making healthcare more patient and whanau-centred. Aligning to this plan, healthAlliance has engaged with our customers, the primary care sector and other stakeholders in leading the development of the Northern Region Information Systems Strategic Plan (ISSP).

Its vision is to help a joined-up Northern Region population to live well, stay well and get well.

The focus of the ISSP is on modernising and strengthening core ICT foundations, simplifying the applications landscape, improving data sharing and interoperability, and working as a capable region.

It will enable the shift to cloud computing and accelerate digital transformation to improve the way health information is shared across the region to support better patient care.

Ultimately it will deliver ICT platforms and services that support new models of care and better health outcomes for the people in our region.

Click here to read Northern Region Long-Term Investment Plan [PDF, 1.1 MB]